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By far, this is the funniest song I ever heard in my life, that is if what he’s doing is something you can call singing, not grumbling..

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You’re playing as Owata, the 2ch meme \(^o^)/. You’re gonna traveling through some ridiculous levels, filled with traps, monsters, and everything set to kill you. Read the rest of this entry »

My friend actually got this game for a few months already, but I’m only taking a real interest on this game recently. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello there! This is kresnik. I’m the guardian of this blog.. Why the blog’s name is Zero Dimension? Good question. Well, there’s no connection with Zero no Tsukaima or that Lelouch. You see, line comes from one dimension, plane comes from two, space comes from three, and some called time comes from four. But what comes from zero? A dot? Nothing? On the contrary, it’s everything!

That’s why I entitled my blog as the Zero Dimension, for I will write down almost every interesting thing happen, whether it’s in my life, or in the world itself.