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Life Ending Adventure – How Long Can \(^o^)/ Stay Alive..?

Posted on: February 22, 2007

You’re playing as Owata, the 2ch meme \(^o^)/. You’re gonna traveling through some ridiculous levels, filled with traps, monsters, and everything set to kill you. This game is a silly flash game with ascii art mainly entirely for its graphics. Then, is it worth playing at all..? It sure is, because even though the graphics is ridiculous, so does the level of hard difficulty it has..

To play this game, you don’t only need some agile fingers at your disposal, but you also need a strong heart, because this game have high percentage of killing you in the most silliest way available..

Some screenshot from the game:

Owata-01 Owata-02

If you have the heart to play it, go to: link


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Link not working.

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