Zero Dimension


Posted on: April 12, 2007

This show has some nice graphics and voice, but what do we got here..?! Read description on mouse highlight..

Sky-fetish guy..Tomato-fetish girl..Poor, Unrequited-Love girl..He deserves it..Another bad taste..His Onee-chan..Poor girl’s Imouto-chan..Even her imouto don’t recognize her as her Onee-chan..His Onee-chan has better tastes, thankfully..There’s a sexy Cumulonimbus out there..!!I’ll get it for sure!!If he died once, can he be cured..??Can I lure him into Tomato-fetish Club..?Fail..Sayonara, Tomato-fetish Club..She might be a potential candidate..But is she worthy of our club..?Cardboard Society Member #2Cardboard Society Mobile HeadquartersCardboard Society Member #1Nice joining fee..Did you find another candidate..?I’ve found her..I’ll give her my photo collection of sexy clouds..Will you join our Cardboard Society..?Cardboard Beam!!!Feel the warmth of cardboards!!Join us, pretty please..?He’s going to make me join their cult!Someone’s one step ahead of me?!

Next, Battle for membership!

Serious Thoughts:

Well, I guess despite my wild thoughts, this show is quite promising.. Even though there’s much covered in the dark for the first episode, I enjoyed it.. Whether Yorito cured from his sick-fetish and finally hooking up with Mana at the end of this show or finally he got everyone infected with his fetish, that we’ll have to wait..


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