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Excessive dosage of women may result in very dangerous result..

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Posted on: April 12, 2007

This show has some nice graphics and voice, but what do we got here..?! Read description on mouse highlight..

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As I watch Code Geass 22 and Mamoru-kun 11, I realized that girls nowadays aren’t getting their jobs done properly.. Read the rest of this entry »

I haven’t been able to post lately because of my assignments is piled up like crazy.. I even spent some of my days with sleeping no more than three hours.. If this is keeping up, maybe I’ll get my body broken down in no time.. Not to mention next week is my mid-semester exam, and I haven’t finished my proposal for my final assignments..

Well, enough ranting, more working, I guess.. Hopefully I’ll get most of the things done at most in next week..


By far, this is the funniest song I ever heard in my life, that is if what he’s doing is something you can call singing, not grumbling..

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You’re playing as Owata, the 2ch meme \(^o^)/. You’re gonna traveling through some ridiculous levels, filled with traps, monsters, and everything set to kill you. Read the rest of this entry »